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In 2003 I rewrote Metroid, from scratch, for the PC. You can download that here. It’s written entirely in C++ with no emulation of the original ROM. I analyzed everything about the NES version by playing it and did my best to recreate it. The biggest differences are the addition of a save system that shows your progress, and as a hidden bonus, the Space Jump from Super Metroid. I’ve kept this to myself and only showed close friends, but what follows is too important to not share.

My girlfriend fiance and I are best friends that have a lot in common. One of the connections we first made was with videogames. We love to play retro games together, as well as some modern games too. When it came time to think of a proposal, I immediately went to videogames.

While dating, one of the things I would sometimes tease her about is her having never played my PC port of Metroid. It was too hard she said (and rightly so!). Well, I decided there’d be no better surprise then to finally convince her to play through it, but have her play a version that’s actually my proposal!

It begins ordinarily enough with the familiar title screen (note the 2005, when I finished the port.)

The game flow follows the normal path. Go to the left, get the ball. Go to the right, begin the long climb up the corridors of Brinstar. The first difference, however, is that I’ve sealed off the entrance to gold Brinstar. Oh you can get through. For 100 missles! Fortunately for me, she was not familiar enough with Metroid to notice these changes, so things went along nicely.

Now the actual proposal room is a typical Chozo Statue item room, and his item is a ring. (Having no ring items available in Metroid, the red ring from Zelda had to do.) It was important to me that she first get a regular item so she understood what those rooms meant. So the next stop was for Long Shot and some missles. I sealed off the proposal room with a red door (5 missles) so that she would have to do this first. Notice I gave her 25 missles, as I wasn’t sure how good her aim would be. 🙂

Now she has to make her way up and to Tourian. This is where I sealed her off with the Red Door to ensure she knew about item rooms.

This used to be the elevator to Tourian (she got through the bridge room), but now it’s the room with the ring! I figured as soon as she saw the text “Destiny lies within…” she’d be suspicious, but fortunately for me she thought it was part of the game!

This, however, is much harder to consider ‘part of the game’.

I would say it took about 2 seconds of shock to fully register, at which point she turned to see me on bended knee. After the excitement and celebrating, I insisted she go back to the game and actually TAKE the ring! After all, it gave her all the upgrades in the game. 🙂

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And with a resounding ‘Rawr!’ the latest entry into the J. McFerron Museum for Video Game Collectibles and Memorabilia arrives. Cheetahmen II.

The decision to buy this presented a bit of a crossroad for me. Collecting games has always been a nice little niche hobby for me, but you don’t buy Cheetahmen II and continue to call it a niche hobby. It was make or break time. Do I do the sensible thing and pass on this ridiculously terrible game? Or do I double down on my collecting and pass the point of no return? Please. After giving it some thought and waiting for the sweet buzz of four or five beers to kick in, I summoned the cheetah within and did what I had to do.

Do I regret this decision? Not possible my friends. It just confirms what I always knew in my heart. Game collecting is here to stay. What’s so special about Cheetahmen II? Besides being in the running for worst NES game of all time (it isn’t just any game that has a bug preventing you from getting past the fourth level,) it’s also the fifth rarest game out there. With only 1,500 copies known to exist, it isn’t easy to come by, and over time that number will only grow smaller.

On a more serious note, what’s fun about owning a game like this (or Myriad 6-in-1) is that with games of a known low quality quantity, it’s not always about just wanting to buy it. You also have to find someone that’s ready to sell it. Most games can be found any given day of the week, but with games like this (and actually the top five rare NES games,) you have to be ready to buy it at the same time someone else is ready to sell it. And then you can let out a victorious Rawr!

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196! 4 to go…for 200!

As of last night I reached 196 NES games! Wow! Lately I’ve been focusing on games that cost no more than $2. Not only are they guaranteed to be great, but you get a lot more bang for your buck. I mean, why spend $10 on Contra when I can spend $10 and get:

Silent Service
I  haven’t had the chance to try this one yet, but judging by Wikipedia, it looks to provide all the fun of navigating a sub marine. Hmm.

Adventures of Bayou Billy
I was going to just link to the wikipedia page, but when I did my quick google search, I found this. Hardest game ever made? I’m intrigued…

Othello (oh yes!)
A minute to learn, a lifetime to master indeed!

Magic Johnson’s Fast Break
I think I might try to actually beat this game. Hey, I figure if Magic Johnson can conquer AIDS, I can conquer his game.

and the always great

T & C Surf Designs

Ok so these games are all meh. Well, at least it’s an inexpensive way to rapidly increase the collection.

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Battle Tanks…fire!

So last night I made another trip to Bookman’s to see what I could find on a Thursday night. Score!! I finally found a copy of ‘Garry Kitchen’s Battle Tank‘ for NES! Thanks to that, only 583 more games to go.

Ok, so I wasn’t actually that excited about finding it. It was more like fine, with this one out of the way I don’t have to buy it ever again. But I also found a Panasonic 3DO M1 (finally, a working one!) and I bought Gotcha! for two dollars.

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